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Our Services

General Contracting

Even as a major consultancy company, we still offer a wide array of consultancy services to various government agencies.

Civil Engineering

Over the years we have done different Civil Engineering jobs like Bridges, city grade drainages and sewage systems...

Metal Welding

We also have expereince in the oil & gas industry with certian levels of welding which includes surface and under-water welding.

Pipe Laying

In the oil and gas industry our presence is also felt as we do different forms and stages of pipe-laying.

Renewable Energy

As a Balance of Plant (BoP) provider Krugger Contructions & Consultants is ready to partner with any organisation. We also partner with Zoltar company Consolidated Power Projects (CPP) which provides high voltage engineering services for renewable energy projects.

CPP delivers engineering, procurement, construction, switching and commissioning services (EPC or Turnkey) to clients throughout Australia. It provides tailored power transmission and distribution services (from low/medium voltage through to extra high voltage installations) for power utilities, industrial and mining companies and for owners and developers of renewable energy projects. Nacap’s civil construction expertise and services in the construction of wind turbine generator foundations enable CPP to deliver holistic solutions for their clients.

CPP have an unrivalled portfolio of completed renewables projects. They have successfully been involved with the Balance of Plant (BoP) works of 25 windfarms. These total more than 1,000 turbines installed in Australia and 13 Wind Grid Connection Projects.